If France has Sainte Croix Lake, then Banten has a charming blue of Cisoka Lake. This tourist place is located not far from the capital city of Jakarta, precisely in Kampung Cigaru, Cisoka Village, Cisoka District, Tangerang, Banten, this lake becomes an alternative tourism choice for the people of Jakarta and surrounding areas without having to far out of the country. According to the records of the managers of this place, Cisoka Lake itself was originally an area where mining was extracted. After the mining activity stopped, the excavation pit had changed into a watery blue and green lake. In the lake area of Cisoka, there are three lakes with different depths, from 15 to 30 meters.

Besides being able to see the panorama of stunning natural beauty, there are many tourist attractions that you can do in Cisoka Lake, one of activities is renting a boat. Only with paying fee about 10,000 Rupiah per person, each tourist attraction in this lake can be photographed by boat on the lake with crystal clear blue. Not only that, the manager of Cisoka Lake has also provided an instagramable photo spots that tourists can use for taking selfie. One favorit spot for tourists is the spot photo with shape "love" that is on the edge of the lake.

Cisoka Lake could be a cheap tourist alternative. This lake is also clear and suitable for those who want to take photographs. Cisoka Lake could be a tourist attraction of Banten. To enter the area of Cisoka Lake, tourist only need to pay tickets about 10,000 Rupiah/person and parking fee about 5,000 Rupian for motor or 10.000 Rupiah for car. With a cheap admission price, everyone can already feel the sensation of beautiful and charming blue water lake. Hopefully, the local government can manage and promote Cisoka Lake, so that this tourist attraction can be more known again. Visitor also hope local government can build the facilities around the lake location.

Article Source: https://www.liputan6.com/lifestyle/