Village tourism with name "Ragam Warna" in Kaliwungu, Kendal, Central Java, has now started viral. Village that is previously called Mranggen is often visited by bloggers from Jakarta, Semarang, Bandung and Bali. Besides on that, many tourists also stay overnight and take many photographs in the village. Village tourism of "Ragam Warna" (local people also call "Ragam Pesona") in Kaliwungu is very beautiful. Public awareness to maintain hygiene is also high. Every corner in this village tourism is good for taking selfie photos. Every few steps, there is a great place for taking selfie photos and ready to upload in instagram.

In addition to the colorful village, there are typical foods of Kaliwungu which also can make tourists feel interested in coming here. The name of foods are sumpil and onde-onde. In addition to culinary tours, there is also a unique drumblung art. This drumband-like art can be a special entertainment for tourists.

Village tourism "Ragam Warna" deserves to be a tourist destination because this tourism is very beautiful and interesting. So if you go to Semarang, you can stop by vacation here. The distance is near and it only takes no more than an hour. Inspirator of this villahe, Bambang Yogi, said it has prepared 13 houses for tourists to stay. Later the owners of 13 houses will be trained how to host the tourists. Bambang Yogi added that this villahe has also prepared a small park for resting place of the tourists. The park was also great for a selfie place. In addition to park, there was also a gallery for those who want to enjoy the paintings by local residents.

Kendal has a very supportive nature to be cultivated into a tourist attraction. The arts and native food of the area here, can also be an advantage that makes tourists come to Kendal.

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