You don't have to go to Bali Island to enjoy white sand beach. Jepara regency, Central Java, is one of the areas that have marine tourism destinations that offer the sensation of white sand. Some beaches have been managed by local government. Bondo Beach is one of the coast that should be a reference for the tourists who need refreshing. In addition to white sandy beache, Bondo Beach also offers the beauty of natural panorama. Not just the blue sea stretches, if lucky, tourists can also see the cluster of the beautiful Mount Muria.

Located in the Bondo Village, Bangsri District, this clear beach will spoil the visitors to play water. Moreover the waves are also not so big, so visitors can comfortably swim as much. It's not too difficult to find the location of this beach. From Pendopo Jepara District, you can take the road to the north about 17 kilometers by following Tayu and Bangsri directions. If you go to travel by private vehicle, it can be reached within 30-45 minutes only. Arriving at the Mlonggo red light, go to the location of Bondo Beach, according to directions.

Bondo Beach is usually crowded by tourists every weekend and national holidays. Most visitors come with family and relatives, even there is also a young man who came with his girlfriend. The beach at the northeastern end of the town of RA Kartini's birth begins to be known to tourists out of town. This beach has clean and clear water. Many visitors also feel the freshness in the mind and the feeling of tired on the trip is instantly lost when arrived at this place.

The view of Bondo Beach is amazing. Seeing the blue, clear and clean beach will tempt us to rush into the water and swim. This beach is special and suitable for family holidays. This beach is not inferior to Pandawa Beach and Kuta Bali. Feeling tired and thirsty after playing water on the beach? Don't need to be worry, many stalls are neatly lined on the beach, with a variety of drinks and snacks. While waiting for children or relatives to swim on the beach, you can sit in the seats that are provided by the stall owners. Seats are arranged in such a way and look artistic.

While sitting and waiting, visitors can enjoy the waves and feel the breeze under the pandanus tree as a shade. The clean and clear water make the beach base of white sand is clearly visible. The scenery Bondo Beach is very beautiful, let alone the afternoon view where visitors can see the sunset. Especially at night, visitors can see the twinkling lights of PLTU Jepara.

In addition to weekends and national holidays, Bondo Beach will be crowded with tourists, both local and outside the region, especially on Friday Wage, according to Javanese calendar. Thousands of visitors will pack the white sand beach. It is said, for anyone who is bathed in Bondo Beach will be young, easy to mate, lost all diseases, and kept away from reinforcements (bad luck).

For the withdrawal of retribution is not yet maximized. Entrance fees apply during the national holiday and Friday Wage. The entrance fee is about 2,500 Rupiah/person. If Eid Al-Fitr holidays later, the tariff of entrance fee will be 10,000 Rupiah/person. The management of Bondo Beach Tourism continues to clean up, especially infrastructure and other supporting facilities for visitor satisfaction.

In addition to the maritime tour in Bondo Beach with its natural panorama, visitors can also do religious tours with a pilgrimage to the tomb of Mbah Suto Bondo who is believed to be a figure sent from the kingdom of Yogyakarta. So, prepare your backpack bag and invite family to Bondo Beach, Jepara. Enjoy the beautiful panorama and feel the sensation of bathing in the white sandy beach.

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