Sandstone stretches along the edge of Sawang Beach, Blang Nibong Village, Samudera Subdistrict, North Aceh Regency, Aceh. A number of visitors thronged the beach area that had been devastated by tsunami in 2004 ago. Since the last year, people has begun to come the beach. However, it has needed a basic overhaul, such as there has not been seen the local people who sell every day on the beach. There has only been seen a few small stalls that serve the needs of fishermen.

In the afternoon on the weekend, visitors are seen relaxing on the beach. In front of the beach, the sea is stretched wide. Some visitors bath with family. Some visitors are also seen talk while enjoying the breeze. Besides on that, in the morning or evening, visitors can see the fishermen go slow down from the boat on the beach.

Well, if you want to relax on Sawang Beach, you should bring lunch from home, includes soft drinks and snacks. All visitors hope that the government do arrange the tourist location. About the charm, coconut tree palm, the breeze and coolness, this beach is not inferior to other beaches in Aceh.

Sawang Beach starts to squirm after a long sleep. Please visit this beach, and feel the sensation of scenery and breeze with family.