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    Botutonuo Love Hill - Tourist Spot with The Amazing View of Sunrise in Tomini Bay

    Botutonuo Love Hill is now visited by many tourists, even some of travelers come from outside the region. They come to enjoy various manmade ornaments that are placed on the hill. However, the charm of Love Hill is not only on the contemporary ornaments that deliberately constrained the manager, but also theere is top of Botutonuo Love Hill. From the peak of this hill, tourists can see directly the amazing scenery of Tomini Bay. The view is increasingly exotic when the sunrise comes.

    Love Hill is located in Botubarani Village, Kabila District, Boneolango Regency, Gorontalo. The location of Love Hill is not far from the center of Gorontalo City. Just less than 1 kilometer from Botubarani Beach. Love Hill Tourism is still relatively new, but Love Hill has been visited by many travelers. Love Hill can be a great choice to spend a weekend break because the sights that are offered at this location will not be disappointing.

    Botutonuo Love Hill is located at an altitude of about 100 meters above sea level. So from the top of the hill, visitors can see the beauty of Gorontalo City and Tomini Bay. A number of villages around Kabila Bone Subdistrict are also visible. Besides on that, Love Hill also offers a number of shooting spots that are a pity to miss. One of the most popular photo-taking spots is a stage made of heart shaped board. The photo spot also comes with the ornament of the letter "I love U" which is jutted into the edge of the cliff.

    You only pay about 5,000 Rupiah for retribution fee when you visit this Botutonuo Love Hill. You are also charged for vehicle parking cost about 2,000 Rupiah for motorcycles and 5,000 Rupiah for cars.

    Article Source: https://www.liputan6.com/regional/

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