Batu Lubang Beach (Liliboi Beach) has not been as popular as Natsepa Beach or Liang Beach or Pintu City Beach in Ambon Island, Maluku. However, the charm of this beach is no less far away. The family of Petta as the owner of a natural tourism object that was opened two years ago (exactly in the middle of 2015), gave the name of "Batu Lubang" because, in this beach there has been a hollow coral with height of 2.5 meters and width of nearly 3 meters. Many travelers have been interested to take photos in the middle of coral in Batu Lubang Beach, Liloboy Village, District Leihitu West, Maluku. Many travelers have visited this beach in the morning.

Batu Lubang Beach (Liliboi Beach) in Ambon Island, is not too much touched by local tourists or domestic tourists. However, its beauty is incomparable. Tourism potential is also promising which is not inferior to attraction of Karang Bolong Beach in Anyer, Banten. The sea of Batu Lubang Beach is blue and clear as well as calm currents. The naked eye of travelers can already see the collection of colorful small fishes that play on the coral field, so travelers don't need to dive into the seabed. Travelers simply sit and see on the reef that has been arranged neatly.

Just by spending 5,000 Rupiah as admission tickets for adult, traveler can already take photos from different directions in a stone hole like a cave door. Not to mention, traveler can also do snorkeling and sunbathing on the slick rocks in the area. To reach Batu Lubang Beach (Liliboi Beach) area, it takes about 10 minutes. Just spending money about 20 thousands Rupiah by renting an ojek base from Pattimura Airport, traveler has arrived at the entrance of Batu Lubang Beach.

Being in a tourist attraction belonging to the Petta Family, a resident of Liliboi Village, District Leihitu West, Central Maluku District, the atmosphere of this beach is so comfortable, away from vehicle noise. The travelers just hear the waves pounding the beach slowly, including a gentle breeze. The shade of trees in Batu Lubang Beach (Liliboi Beach) area is very suitable for visitors who want to make peace with nature and feel the natural beauty of God's creation.

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