As an archipelago, Indonesia has many beautiful islands with stunning natural scenery. One of them can be found in Kelapan Island, in South Bangka Regency, Bangka Belitung Province. To get this island, visitors must use a speed boat or motor boat with travel time about 30 minutes from Sadai Port, South Bangka. During the trip, visitors will be treated to views of the blue sea, a group of islands and no less excited, with waves in a speeding boat.

There are two versions that explaining the name of Kelapan Island. The first version was told that an island was overgrown with coconut trees. While the second version was told Kelapan Island as the eighth islands of some island clusters that were across Sadai Bay. The island began to be developed as a new tourist destination, almost all parts of the mangrove forest were surrounded. From this mangrove forest, fish and shrimp breed that became one of the livelihood for support community.

Kelapan Island is still beautiful. The life of fishermen here is also still traditional. Kelapan Island is well worth to visit, because it has many coral reefs as diving spots. Therefore, do not be surprised if visitors who come to this island, not only from local tourists but also from abroad such as Malaysia.

In addition to swimming or snorkeling, visitors can boost adrenaline by penetrating the forest to find some parts of the beach that are still hidden. For those who like fishing, visitors can rent a boat that is accompanied by a guide from local fishermen. Metamorphic rocks are found along the shore. Besides on that, there are many shells that can be used as a souvenir.

Of course it takes all day to be able to enjoy all the beauty of the island. For that, you do not need to worry about finding a place to sleep, because the homes of local people provide homestay facilities. The potency of Kelapan Island is now waiting for the touch of various parties to become a family vacation spot that not only presents the natural beauty, but also feel safe and comfortable to visit.

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