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    Should we use nanospray for shoes? How to choose the best nanospray

    Should we use nano spray for shoes? How to choose the best nano spray

    "Should nanospray for shoes" is a common question of many people, but there is no satisfactory answer. The following article will remove all those questions for you and share how to choose the best nanospray. Stay tuned right now!

    Should we use nanospray for shoes?

    For shoe lovers, nanospray is considered an indispensable "treasure" to help protect shoes effectively.

    Nano spray has many amazing benefits, by creating a transparent thin layer from the nanoparticles that act like the lotus petal effect, preventing water from penetrating the shoe surface. Also, this cleaning solution works to reduce odors and help save the scent for many hours.

    When using waterproof nanospray for shoes, you will save time washing shoes continuously because nanospray prevents dirt and stains from appearing on shoes. Just use a damp cloth to gently wipe the surface to clean shoes quickly.

    Another advantage is that nano sprays do not affect fabric durability and fading. Therefore, when someone asks whether to nanospray shoes or not, the answer is definitely yes!

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    How to use nanospray

    The waterproof nano aerosol product has a very simple principle of use. Here are the steps to use nanospray for shoes in most detail.

    Step 1: Remove all dirt and water on the shoe surface with a dry cloth or a soft cloth.

    Step 2: Shake the nano sprayer well, keep the spray hose about 15 - 20cm away from shoes.

    Step 3: Spray and wait 20-30 minutes for the nanoparticles forming mesh bonds to dry. Apply a second coat for a better effect.

    Step 4: Carefully dry the shoes in a dry place and make sure to let the shoes dry for at least 8 hours before using.


    Cleaning shoes before using nanospray helps to bring high efficiency.

    Need to spray test on a small surface first, then cover a large area.

    Do not apply more than 5 coats, as it is easy to make the color of the shoe darker and duller.

    Do not dry shoes in a place away from direct sunlight.

    What kind of Nano spray is good?

    When they have resolved, wondering whether nano sprays should be used for shoes, many people ask which type of nano aerosol is good for. Smart men will share with you 4 evaluation criteria for good nano aerosol rating as follows.

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    Fit for your purposes

    Each spray will carry water-resistant functions for individual materials. So you need to know what material your shoes have? If you want to buy a multi-purpose nanospray that can be used for all types of shoes, choose a multi-purpose water repellent solution.

    Aerosol capacity

    The solution is an important factor in determining how long the nano sprayer will last.

    Therefore, do not be cheap and be deceived by capacity, because many products are cheap but the capacity is very small. Please consider your needs, then choose nano spray with the right price and capacity.

    The odor of the solution and the toxicity

    The smartest choice when buying nano sprays is to choose products that are safe for shoes and do not cause unpleasant odors.

    Usually, there are very few products that are completely free of harmful chemicals. Therefore, you need to select products carefully and read the ingredients of nanospray.

    Besides, you should not spray more than 5 coatings at once and avoid spraying in a closed room. The best way is to spray outside or in well-ventilated places so as not to affect your health.

    Should nano spray-on shoes if their smell is difficult to smell? Surely the answer is no. In terms of the smell of nano sprays, poor quality waterproof sprays often have a very bad smell, are difficult to smell, and cause an odor on the feet. Therefore, you should choose products that create fragrances and have a good scent.

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    Buy nano sprays at reputable brands

    In today's shoe market, there are many different types of Nano sprays. Therefore, the most important thing to choose a quality product is to choose a reputable and quality spraying site.
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