Traveling to Toraja, South Sulawesi is not complete yet if you don't enjoy the sensation by sliding from the top of the waterfall as high as 35 meters. But you don't have to be afraid, because sliding in this place like sliding in waterboom with natural scenery. The sensation of water play in waterboom rides can be felt when visiting this natural attractions, Simbongan Waterfall in Lembang Pabuaran, Makale South District, Tana Toraja.

This new tourist destination in Tana Toraja is a unique place. With its natural condition, that is natural stone that is slippery and suitable for skating like a waterboom rides. The area of this waterfall is suddenly crowded visited by people, especially children who like extreme games and test the adrenaline. Tourist sites which are the area of ​​the Simbongan River flow is never dry or always continuously flooded water, although on the dry season occurs. Besides on that, this place has a slope enough and it's suitable to do gliding attractions. Simbongan Waterfall has clean and clear water.

Visitors have to take courage to try the sensation of sliding above the rock. In addition to slippery, flow of the water is fairly heavy, and rock conditions are rather steep and mossy, even resembling a waterfall in general. However, these conditions do not diminish the guts of visitors, especially children who glide the place. Even the children who are used to sliding show their shrewdness by standing like surfers or senior skate board players.

This place has not been managed properly, because it still includes new attractions and visitors are still from the local community. This place is busy visited during weekends and other holidays, local residents also hope the government can help promote the new tourist destination, so that it can boost the economy of local residents. Distance of this attraction from downtown of Makale, the capital of Tana Toraja Regency is only 15 kilometers or can be taken for 30 minutes.

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