This new tourist attraction has been opened for almost a year in the Cisarua area, Puncak. The Ranch Cisarua offers a different experience. Just as De Ranch Lembang, Bandung, in the Ranch Cisarua, tourists are offered horseback riding experience. For this tourist attraction is indeed the same concept as in Lembang, there is horse sights. Visitors can try to ride a horse by using a costume, but it's not about cowboy again. There is according to the theme of medieval Europe, so the style costume in the Ranch Cisarua is Robin Hood.

Not only riding, visitors can also do other activities. One of them is archery. This archery can also be played by children. There is archery rides because the concept of Ranch Cisarua applies medieval European theme with one of skills is archery. There are archery for the children, then they will shoot with the target doll. There is also the traditional one with sharp archery. Archery game will continue to be developed with a longer distance. Archery for adults today is still close to about five meters. The management of Ranch Cisarua will also develop traditional archery and make archery park

There is also a farm that can be a playground for children. In this farm, there are variety of animals like the merino sheeps, cows, to rabbits. In the Ranch Cisarua, children can feed and interact directly with the animals. Not only that, visitors can enjoy the rides that are exist, such as playing bikes, playing trampoline, ride the delman, until the water balloon.

One of the things that visitors can not miss is taking photos with "instagrammable" spots. You can also take pictures with extensive field background that is filled with grass and variants of flowers. It can even look for spot photos that are "instagramable". Visitors can take pictures in front of the castle café building, nak nik ville, fairy tale bridge, and candy barrel.

Interested to visit there? The Ranch Cisarua is located on Jalan Raya Puncak KM 77. It is opening every day, starting at 09.00 am (weekdays) and at 08.00 am (weekends) until 21.00 pm. To get into this attraction, visitors must pay a ticket only 20,000 Rupiah/person.

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