In Kendal District, Central Java, many tourist attractions are managed by villagers. One of them is water attraction of Tubing Bumi Parikesit. Tourist attraction in Blimbing Village, Boja District is used for irrigation channels. People love this place, especially for children. Many visitors feel very happy to play water here. In addition to clean water, visitors can joke with family and friends. Many visitors also feel happy because they can play water while swimming by using tires. Not just children, this Tubing Bumi Parikesit is also favored by adults

The responsible of Tubing Bumi Parikesit, Mutakin, explained that the tourist attraction had been running for the past four months. Initially, many people around felt the pessimistic for this tourist attraction. But finally their hard work paid off, after this tourist attraction was viral in social media.

The irrigation channel that is used for water attraction has a length of about 350 meters and width varies from two meters to five meters. Visitors can tour the water begins from the east Blimbing Dam and ends in front of the village head's house. In total there are three slides with water depth only about 1 meter. The entrance fee is quite cheap. Visitor only pays for entrance fee and cost of tire rent about 5,000 Rupiah/person. Visitor can bath or rinse there with paying 2.000 Rupiah/person.

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