The southern slope of Mount Burangrang in Cipada Village, Cikalongwetan, West Bandung regency, West Java, apparently has saved many beautiful and charming panoramas. One of them is Senyum Hill (Smile Hill). Why is called Senyum Hill? It is said that the naming of this hill comes from the spontaneous utterance of a member of the Rimbah Sejahtera Farmer Group. He was Mr. Sugondo. He always saw people who joined in Lembaga Masyarakat Hutan (LMDH) smiled upon arrival at the top of the hill. Especially, when they saw the scenery around the area of ​​Mount Burangrang, West Bandung.

In plain view, beautiful scenery lies in the hill area of ​​Mount Burangrang, West Bandung regency, which is surrounded by pine trees. Many visitors come to take pictures because the spot is quite "instagramable". The location of Senyum Hill is slightly hidden from the reach of tourists in general. However, for those who love to explore nature, this tourist spot is not too difficult to find. This hill is still a stretch with Burangrang as one of the legendary mountain cluster in Tanah Priangan.

Located in Cipada Village, Cikalongwetan District, West Bandung Regency, Senyum Hill offers the beauty of a landscape. There are particularly neatly lined pine trees, expansive tea plantations, and Saguling reservoir landscapes. To reach the location of this natural tourist rides, the easiest path from the city of Bandung is through Sersan Bajuri Street. Visitors can go up to meet the driveway next to Cisarua State Police School. From there, the journey continues towards Jalan Tugu until found Pasir Langu. Then take a left turn towards Jalan Sukaraja and turn right to Jalan Pasar Senen to Cipare Babakan. From there, visitors can go to Jalan Lapang and then just follow the direction of the road. After a distance of about one kilometer, visitors will reach the location of the attraction.

Keep in mind, the 10 kilometers trip from Parongpong to Cipada Village will pass through the descent, climb and winding. Not only that, the road to the location is still not fully asphalted or concrete. For that, the visitors must increase alertness. Especially, during a visit in the rainy season.

The natural contour of Senyum Hill, Burangrang is in the middle of pine forest area which is thick and shady. Almost certainly, every visitor who comes in this hill will not waste the moment. They can also share the joy in the morning until the afternoon. Not without reason. Because, there are some points that have beautiful natural scenery to be the background of the photo. One of them is photo spot on a dead-end bridge that is made of bamboo. Visitors usually take a photo with backdrop of hill that leads to the Saguling Reservoir.

The next point that is not far from the bridge there is a hammock or cradle. Visitors don't need to bring a hammock because at this location there are already hammock rental services. In addition, Perhutani of South Bandung as the manager has provided toilet facilities, musala, and food court to enjoy the food provided saung made of bamboo. Overall, the natural attractions of Senyum Hill on the southern slope of Mount Burangrang offers natural scenery and cool air temperature.

The entrance ticket to Senyum Hill is only charged 5.000 Rupiah. Two-wheeled vehicles are also charged about 3,000 Rupiah and four-wheel vehicles about 5,000 Rupiah. Prices are relatively affordable for all people.

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