Visiting the Old Town of Semarang, Central Java, you not only can feel the history of the past but also can be styled a la "Noni Dutch" in Srigunting Park. This park in the middle of the Old Town area of ​​Semarang provides variety of photo properties that are quite unique. You can dress like a Dutch colonial landlord or merchant in this park. With background of old buildings and blooming flowers in this park, you can use the properties of human trains, onthel bikes, and more. There are six large property units that you can use.

Since 2016, there has been provided the property in this park. The goal is increasing the variety of tourist attractions in Semarang that can be enjoyed by tourists. Previously, Srigunting Park is a place to rest tourists who visit the Old Town of Semarang. Tourists usually take pictures in this beautiful park with the background of Marba House, and Blenduk Church with typical colonial architecture.

Properties in Srigunting Park have been formed since there was a bus tour "Si Kenang" of Semarang City Tour. There are not only domestic tourists who visit this park, but also foreign tourists. Foreign tourists who come dominant comes from the Netherlands that are usually accompanied by a local guide. For tourists who visit Semarang, you can take a visit and take pictures in Srigunting Park. Some photos of "Noni Dutch-style" can be the souvenir of memories from Semarang. Many photographers provide photography services from 08.00 to 18.00 WIB.

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