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    What does the Jakarta five star experience entail?

    An experience embodies more than one aspect since it is an amalgam of the feelings, sights and tastes while one embarks on something. While in Jakarta, only the finest comes into play. The five star hotel would only offer the bet experience if it had complimentary services to go along with the facilities. Complimentary services would include transport service to the airport or Wi-Fi for the guest in the hotels. Resources for the comfort of the guests will go a long way to ensure their maintained comfort. A refreshing stretch of the muscles in bid to break a sweat and keep fit will have one exercise in a gym or simple play a racket game. The facilities arrayed in the five star hotels in Jakarta ensure that the guest as a convenient stay. While in Jakarta, take time to enjoy the splendid tropical views coupled with majestic pools it will sure brighten the day.

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    I have personally experience and it was exceptional in all services. Hotel traveling and specially the views I saw I really impressed with this locality. Very beautiful country it is.

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