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    Post Srobi Hill Tourism - Historic Place With A Very Pampering Sight

    Traveling to the Ambarawa City, Central Java, was not merely to the museum. This city also has an "instagramable" destination. There is Srobi Hill Tourism that located in Pasekan Village. This natural object tourism is managed by the Pasekan Village Owned Enterprise (Bumdes). This tourism was inaugurated by Ganjar Pranowo, Governor of Central Java at the end of February 2018.

    To get this location, you must feel "struggle", considering visitors must walk about 150 meters from the parking lot with contours of land that continue to climb. Located at an altitude of 916 meters above sea level (mdpl), Srobi Hill is the highest point in Ambarawa. According to the story that is developed in the community, this hill has also been used as a place to spy the movement of Dutch troops that was marked with a concrete monument.

    With an entrance ticket of 3,000 Rupiah and motorcycle parking 2,000 Rupiah, visitors will get a free bottle of mineral water and snack in the form of chips. In Srobi Hill, visitors can relax and take photos as much in a number of gazebos that are made of bamboo. There are also some selfie corner, among others, spot window and substation view. Visitors can rely on the view deck at Srobi Hill because this location has a very pampering sight of the eye.

    Here is a vehicle that enough to spur the adrenaline, which is a sky rickshaw. Visitors can pedal a rickshaw above on a rope. We can feel the sensation of pedaling a pedicab in the sky. This 30-meter-long pedestrian sprawling distance. Visitors pay 10,000 Rupiah for one person, and 15,000 Rupiah for two people. When riding a sky rickshaw, we can see the view of Mount Sumbing and Sindoro as well as Mount Ungaran.

    Visitors know the existence of attractions Srobi Hill through social media. Srobi Hill not only presents the natural scenery and interesting photo spots, if lucky visitors can also hunt durian fruit whose trees grow around this hill. Besides on that,
    Srobi Hill Tourism is very easy to reach. If departing from Semarang, visitors can live crossing Semarang-Magelang highway. After passing Bawen and Ambarawa Market, just keep about one kilometer to the Maria Cave in Kerep Ambarawa. After finding this Maria Cave, keep climbing up to find the signpost.

    Article Source: https://travel.kompas.com/

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    It is very beautiful place..

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