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    Watu Layar Beach - Beautiful Tourist Attraction with Exotic Scenery in Rembang

    Rembang Regency, Central Java, has a tourist attraction that sells forest and sea scenery. The name of the tourist attraction, is Watu Layar that located in Bonang, Lasem. To be able to reach this attraction, tourists need not be bothered. Watu Layar Beach is located on the roadside of Pantura and easy to reach from any direction. Watu Layar Beach is filled with trees, so the air is so breeze. Inside this tourist attraction, there are several places to relax and selfie. Because it is located above the Pantura Road, from the tourist attraction, visitors can see the beautiful views of the sea that is filled with boats.

    In addition to shady, tourists can enjoy the sound of waves. Here the tourists can relax while enjoying the food, playing swings, and taking photos. For those who like photographs, there are some perfect spots for satisfying your photos, such as the photo spot on the exotic bridge, the photo spot above the symbol of love, the photo spot with the background scenery of Binangun Beach, and photo spot umbrella that you are guaranteed addicted to take pictures here. For those who come with a soulmate, don't forget to put a padlock of love in this place. There are also swings, as well as seating that is intentionally positioned under a shady tree.

    Watu Layar Beach can be reached very easily from any direction because at the edge of the Pantura Road, adjacent to religious tourism of Pasujudan Sunan Bonang, or about 200 meters south of the rest area in Binangun Beach. From the direction of Rembang or East Java, it is very easy to reach by public transportation which operates 24 hours. To enter this resort, tourists are only charged fee of parking, while for motorcycle is 5 thousands Rupiah and for car is 10 thousands Rupiah.

    Article Source: https://travel.kompas.com , https://www.murianews.com/
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