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    Samparona Pine Forest - Tourism On Weekend With Family in Baubau

    If you want to do a tour this weekend, you should come with family Samparona Pine Forest in Kaisabu Baru Village, Sorawolio District, Baubau City, Southeast Sulawesi. Pine Forest Tourism is one of the new tourist attractions in Baubau City and become one of the mainstay attractions for local residents. Besides on seeing the beauty of lush pine trees, in Samparona Pine Forest you can also enjoy the cool air and green trees.

    In this pine forest tourism, there are also various game arenas such as flying fox, drift bike (float bike rides), archery arena, pointball and shoot targets. In addition to game arenas, in Samparona Pine Forest there are also spots for photos with family such as umbrella lines, tree houses, love board spot, and hours spot.

    Dozens of umbrellas are lined up neatly and tied in the trunk of the tree, adding the beauty and attractiveness of the visitors to take pictures under it. Besides on that, the rides of the tree house are perfect for self-paced photos with the background of pine tree trunks. Meanwhile, flying fox and float bike rides are rides that trigger adrenaline but there are in great demand by visitors.

    The public response while welcoming the opening of pine forest tourism is very positive, even just a few weeks opened, Pine Forest Tourism has been visited by many citizens. Samparona Pine Forest has nice place, shady atmosphere and it's very good for children because the air is cool and fun.

    Entering the forest area of ​​this tourism is enough paying 5,000 Rupiah for two-wheeled vehicles and for four-wheeled vehicles just paying 10,000 Rupiah. Samparona Pine Forest Tourism is located in Samparona area, Sorawolio District, and it is about 15 kilometers from Baubau City.

    Article Source: TravelKompas.com
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