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    Dewari Park - Tourist Spot with A Beautiful Stretch of Sunflowers in Magelang

    This sunflower park is really fascinating. The dominance of the bright yellow color contrasts sharply with the green paddy fields and the surrounding trees. No wonder if the flower garden that is named "Dewari Park" becomes photography lovers. The result of this beautiful landscaped image is also crowded in social media.

    Dewari Park is located in Kradenan Kalikuning, Baturono Village, Salam District, Magelang Regency, Central Java. The distance of Dewari Park is about 10 kilometers from Borobudur Temple. Although this place has been opened on February 10, 2018, this park has been crowded by tourists. The owner, Beta Zanial Amirin, said that Dewari Park was born from his hobby of hunting photo spot with his family in various regions. He also spelled out an idea to create a spot of his own photos on the land or fields that were owned by the family.

    According to Beta, sunflower plants were selected because it included plant that was easily treated, simply watered, fertilized and weeded with grass or wild plants. It did not take long to grow. In January 2017, the plants began to bloom. Beta and his family planted about 8,000 trees, with an area of ​​about 2,800 square meters. For the reserve plant, there was about 2,000 tree seedlings. Originally this field was planted for chili and rice like the fields around it

    In contrast to other types of flower plants, physical of sunflower is relatively stronger, not easily broken and trampled. So the risk of damage is smaller. Although the flowering period is only a few weeks, but flower resistance can be longer if the dry season. Because, heavy rain that was flushed Magelang lately turned out to cause some flowers quickly wither.

    The name "Dewari" itself is taken from the last name of child's oner , Kairavi Isvara Zan Dewari. The concept of this park has also received a positive response from the community and the Barurono Village Government. There are many local people who participate in managing the Dewari Park for duty to guard the door tickets, parking and officers who supervise in the park.

    Every day, Dewari Park is visited by tourists ranges from 700-800 people. This amount will increase when the weekend or holiday arrives. In addition to beautiful, fee of park entrance is also cheap, only 5,000 Rupiah per person. Tourists are also only charged 2,000 Rupiah for motorcycles and 5,000 Rupiah for cars. Tourists can take pictures in the middle of the plant because it is provided a small path / footpath.

    At some points, there are also provided a small bench, so that tourists take freely photo with a background of flowers of the sun. But, visitors must pay attention, because if the visitor gets caught damaging either intentionally or unintentionally, the park manager will ask for compensation of 40,000 Rupiah per flower stalk. There are our officers who supervise.

    Source: Hipwee.com

    Article Source: Travel Kompas
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