Vacationing while looking at the flower garden in Europe will be very nice. But now, you do not need all the way to Europe because in Bandungan, Semarang regency, Central Java, there is Celosia Flower Garden that offers the beauty of flowers in the land of the Blue Continent. Celosia Flower Garden is able to make visitors as if traveling to Europe. Moreover, the park is designed complete with windmills and various types of native European flowers are imported directly from the land of origin.

The beauty of Celosia Flower Garden was inevitably the choice of thousands of visitors to spend Christmas and New Year holidays in this place. In fact, the new Celosia Flower Garden would be inaugurated in February 2018. In addition to flowers, Celosia Flower Garden also presents a number of miniature world icons, such as the Merlion Lion Statue of Singapore, Windmill of Netherlands, and the Effiel Tower of Paris.

Celosia Flower Garden is a romantic sights and suitable for young people. In this tourist spot as well as its name, there are full of Celosia flowers. This floer garden can be used to place express love for a couple. In addition to refreshing, many visitors come to Celosia to cultivate the seed of love in the heart. Many couples also take selfie photos in this flower garden. Although suitable to be visited by young people, Celosia Flower Garden is also visited by many parents and children.

Well, if you want to visit the Garden of Celosia Flower, from Semarang, you must go to Ungaran, then to Bandungan. From Bandungan, go straight to tourist spot of Gedong Songo. In the middle of the trip to Gedong Songo, later you will find tourist attractions Celosia Flower Garden. The place is on the roadside. With the ticket price of 10,000 Rupiah per person, visitors in the Celosia Garden Flower can also pick flowers at the price of 2,000 Rupiah per stalk. Flower seeds can also be purchased from 10,000 up to 100,000 Rupiah per pot.

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