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    Medini Tea Garden - Spot for Camping and Enjoying "The Land of Clouds" in Kendal

    In Limbangan District, Kendal, Central Java, there is a tea plantation of about 386 hectares. It's called Medini Tea Plantation. Tea plantation that has existed since the Dutch colonial era is on the north side of Ungaran Mountain, precisely in the Ngesrep Balong Village, Limbangan District. Medini Tea Plantation has cold sensation because it is located at an altitude of about 2050 meters above from sea level. This area has become a natural tourism, and it is highly favored by young people.

    Being in Medini, like being "The Land of Clouds" because it is filled with fog. The distance to Medini Tea Plantation, from the city of Semarang or Kendal is about 50 kilometers. The field of Medini Tea Plantation has its own sensation with the path up and down from the stone structure. Although the car can be passed, but visitors feel more comfortable when using two-wheeled vehicles.

    Medini Tea Plantation is crowded by people on holidays. Many visitors are very impressed with the natural scenery and atmosphere of tea plantation. They always take the time to take pictures to perpetuate the beauty of nature. Every holiday, many people do camping at Promasan Campsite. Many of them come on Saturday and stay in tent. Many visitors are camping with friends at Promasan Campsite, next to the Jepang Cave.

    In addition to enjoying the views of tea plantation and running fog, visitors can also see the Jepang Cave. This cave was formerly used by Japanese soldiers to hide. But there are rarely visitors who dare to enter the cave. Visitors only see from the outside, because the cave is dark.

    So, let's visit to Medini Tea Plantation and enjoy the sensation of camping in the land of clouds

    Article Source: http://travel.kompas.com/
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