Every province in Indonesia can not be denied it is rich in attractive places that can make the tourists interested in visiting. For example, North Sumatra, a province by the capital city of Medan there is a city called Berastagi.

Berastagi itself known to many people because it has many beautiful attractions. Around the city of Berastagi can be seen many destinations that have a very strong attraction such as Bukit Gundaling, Flower Garden, Forest Park Bukit Barisan, Deleng Kutu, Traditional Houses and activities of tourists such as horse riding, sado riding, playing golf, and watching cultural activities held every Sunday. Its location is in the highlands, making people who visit this place will feel the coolness that may not be found elsewhere.

Visiting Berastagi City area has many advantages. Excellence tour in Berastagi not only when you have reached the location, but since on the way to this place. This privilege is caused by many alternative roads to reach Tanah Karo. And, these alternative roads offer their own tourism experience.

To Get There

If you depart from Medan, which is about 78 km away from Berastagi, you can take the Sembahe route which is one of the Medan-Berastagi highways. In 45 minutes drive to Berastagi by motor vehicle from Medan or about 15 minutes drive from Sembahe, you will cross Sibolangit. Along this road, you can also find durian huts that can be used as a place for a short break while enjoying the typical durian of North Sumatra.