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    Kampoeng Djowo Sekatul - Tourist Attraction with The Nuances of Java Village

    In Kendal District, Central Java, there are tourist attractions and restaurants with name "Kampoeng Djowo Sekatul". It is located in Mergosari Village, Limbangan District. From Semarang, the distance to this area is about 40 km, but if it is taken from Kaliwungu Kendal, it just needs only about 30 kilometers. Being in the upper area (about 400 meters from sea level), Tourism Village of Kampoeng Djowo Sekatul has cold air sensation.

    The area of ​​Kampoeng Djowo Sekatul is 12 hectares. However, this place is used for tourism and restaurants, only about 3 hectares. Then, the remaining land area of this village is for agriculture and plantation. The results are used to meet the needs of restaurants of tourist attractions. Because the name is Kampoeng Djowo, the concept of this tourism is being in the village of Java. The game and outbound rides are mostly utilizing nature. Even, places to eat for visitors are all models of Joglo house. There are 25 Joglo houses.

    Tourism of Kampoeng Djowo Sekatul was originally a tea garden. Around the year 2005, part of the land was made fishing. Due to many requests from visitors, then the fishing ground was made tourist attractions and restaurants.

    Visitors of Kampoeng Djowo Sekatul can enjoy the game of plow fields, keceh (playing water) in the river, archery, and so forth. There are also an outbound place, swimming pool, flying fox and Joglo inn. For the food menu of restaurant, most also is provided Javanese food, such as gudangan, vegetable lompong, ginger beverage, and others.

    Article Source: http://travel.kompas.com/

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    Kampoeng Djawa, the best spot to relief your stress and also find peacefulness.
    Try to meditate here too!

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