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    Doing Sport and Traveling Activities in the Area of Sempur, Bogor

    Not far from the Bogor Palace and Bogor Botanical Garden, precisely on Sempur, Bogor, there is one of the sports facilities of the community of Bogor namely Sempur. Sempur is now attracting attention with its various rides, especially for "kids zaman now". Sempur began to be changed since the year 2010 with some of the activities of residents were accommodated. Not only sports activities, but also there were creative communities in Bogor.

    From the top of the road, visitors will see various places that we can go to this area. Start on the left side, precisely on the side of the river, there is a children's play area. There are castle building, with slide, swings, and large ladder snakes. This playground with various rides is quite crowded during the day, when childrean are going back from the school. Parents can still monitor their children from the surrounding gazebos. Sometimes, these rides are used as a place to take pictures by young people. The building is quite unique with background of the clear Ciliwung River.

    The more the afternoon, if it does not rain, there are young people practicing skateboards. To try skateboard there, visitors can directly play, or join the local community. Not far from there, there are rock climbing and basketball courts, which can also be used at any time freely. However, for rock climbing, of course visitors must have own equipment. The majority of visitors here are seen enjoying the afternoon to do sport or activities with their communities such as bicycling, martial arts, and others.

    No less exciting, on the eastern side of the Sempur area, there is a theme park with name "Expression Park". The park has been built by the Bogor City Government since 2016. This park is intended for art communities to showcase their skills. One of Expression Park routine events, which is crowded by the youth, is at Cinema Park. Every once a month, in this park, it regularly plays films by Bogor Film Communities, as well as other cities in Indonesia.

    If you want to visit Sempur Area, you can go by commuter line. You can just go up one public transportation, which is 03 destination Sempur. Get off at the palace side after the Bogor Botanical Garden bridge and you can see a large field of rock climbing at its side. When you are at Sempur Area, you can visit the food outlets near the basketball court. There are culinary spot for various Indonesian special food, such as sate taichan, meatballs, chicken noodles, and others.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com

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    good place to play with friends and have fun.

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    Lovely place! I wish more cities would build these sports and games areas.
    Marius from Catchcorner app

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