The beautiful panorama of the lined mountains has begun to appear, as the weather has begun to clear. Eyes are ready to look, hoping to see directly the process of sunrise in Ngisis Hill, Nglinggo Village Tourism, Kulonprogo Regency, Yogyakarta. Ngisis Hill itself in the Java language means a cold hill. Not just any name, it was originally called Isis Hill. However, do not want to deal with radical discussion, finally the name is added the letter "ng" in front of this hill to "Ngisis". From the gate of Nglinggo Village Tourism to Ngisis Hill is reached with distance of approximately one kilometer. Reportedly, from that hill, travelers can see the beautiful sunrise.

In Ngisis Hill, there are some beautiful photo spots to upload on social media. Photo spots are created by local people around the hill because there is saturation of trevelers. So four years ago around 2013, local people made photo spots that can be enjoyed by trevelers. To take pictures in the photo spot is not paid. Fee is only charged at entry only 3,000 Rupiah, including insurance. After that, traveler can take photos anywhere.

Spot photos were made gradually from self-help communities initially. Because there was saturation, the manager made this in the hope that in the next year there has been a different spot.

On Ngisis Hill, there is photo spots of cars that is planted on one of the cliffs. The result, the photo is a beautiful with panorama of mountains. Then, there are also photo spots equipped with a symbol of love. Once completed, there is also a quite instagramable when you're sitting in swing and facing the mountain. Then, there is also a photo spot with a board that extends to the cliff, as if the object in the photo is far above the height of the cliff. In the future, the manager of Ngisis Hill will continue to develop new photo spots and rides, especially for child.

The local people will be deliberated to make a place to sell tea and coffee. So that later tourists can relax while drinking tea or coffee while enjoying the natural scenery that exists.

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