Spending the weekend in Semarang City, Central Java is incomplete if you don't stop at this one place. Yes, in the west end of Semarang City, there is one unique market that is developed by the community into an attractive tourism destination. This unique market is called "Karetan Market", and located in Segrumung Hamlet, Meteseh Village, Boja District, Kendal. The distance to Karetan Market is about 15 kilometers from Ahmad Yani International Airport Semarang. As with other unique markets elsewhere, Karetan Market is located on the edge of a rubber forest belonging to PT PTPN. This market provides a unique tour where the destination gives the impression for tourists.

Access to the location is also not too difficult because it is available in the map on google maps app. To get the location, of course you have to pass through the streets of the village, where beside it, there is a stretch of rice fields and houses. Casted village roads will welcome the journey to the location. But do not worry, for you who drive a family vehicle, a football field in the Meteseh Village is converted into a vehicle parking lot. After parking, you also do not need to walk from the parking lot to a location that is 800 meters away.

Arriving at Karetan Market, tourists are served with a leafy dressing of rubber trees. The country's rubber tree is given a veil of colorful fabrics to look more beautiful. There are odong-odong (unique public transportation) for delivering tourists to the location. Odong-odong is free of charge. Besides on that, entering at the market location, tourists will be greeted with spot locations of selfie. On the front, there is also a money changer that can later be spent in the market.

Inside the market, local people that are wearing traditional clothes sell their wares. The local peolple sell variety of food, drink, and snacks of the village. Unique snacks of the past are also presented complete, at an affordable price. In addition to food, there is also a playground for children. Tourists can also play egrang, swings, until other games. The selfie place is also provided at some point in the market location on the edge of the rice field. For those of you who visit this area, tourists better come early. In addition to enjoying the morning atmosphere in a rubber forest, you can also choose food more freely.

Many tourists who come to come to the location of Karetan Market because of the promotion of tourism through digital. They also come with their family to enjoy the rides in this market. Karetan Market is a unique market created by the community with young generation of Wonderful Indonesia in Central Java. This unique market complements another unique market in Central Java such as Papringan Market in Temanggung District, Central Java. The difference, Papringan Market is in the area of ​​bamboo trees, while Karetan Market is in the middle of a rubber forest. Conceptually, the two markets also carry the same campaign, where its presence is always popular with tourists.

Article Source: http://travel.kompas.com/