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    Asah Hill - Best Place for Camping Venue and Seeing Sunrise also Sunset

    Asah Hill in Karangasem becomes a new tourism alternative in eastern Bali. The location that is once a tourist place of Bug Bug Village is now known as the leading destination of Karangasem. Formerly, Asah Hill was a long bean garden. Local people called this place for a meeting place of gods and humans.

    The beauty of Asah Hill is indeed amazing. It's on a cliff over the sea. From Asah Hill, tourists can see the blue sea water, towering cliffs, and the Virgin Beach that has a stretch of white sand. One year later, villagers of Bug Bug Village worked seriously on Asah Hill as a tourist destination that was worthy of tourists outside the village. Through the Rural Credit Institution Funds, they improved access roads, bought tents for rent, built toilets, and provided access to electricity.

    There are now 18 large tents and 20 medium tents. Travelers can rent if they want camp here. The price for rent of big size per night is 300.000 Rupiah. The tent is divided into two spaces, that each space is equipped with two-person mattress. While the price for rent of medium size is 150.000 Rupiah per night. It can load a maximum of four people. In front of the tent, there are garden lights and electric sockets.

    The contour of the flat ground that is overgrown with fine grass indeed makes Asah Hill is a suitable location for camping. Not far from Asah Hill, there is Virgin Beach which is not less charming. You just need five minutes for driving to Virgin Beach. Another advantage of Asah Hill is the best place for seeing the sunrise in the morning and sunset in the afternoon. So complete is the reason for camping in Asah Hill. The plan, the villagers of Bug Bug will also continue to add facilities in Asah Hill, such as photo booths, outbound tools, and security tools for free jumping into the ocean.

    The distance between downtown Denpasar to Asah Hill can be reached for 1 hour 45 minutes drive. To enter Asah Hill, per person is charged 5.000 Rupiah. The trip to Asah Hill is also beautiful, while tourists can see the valley of Mount Agung that is filled with rice fields from Bug Bug Village.

    Article Source: http://travel.kompas.com/

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    Beautiful place....

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