There is always a reason for traveler to make Yogyakarta as the next traveling destination. Because, there are many new and exciting tourist attractions that you can enjoy during a vacation to this Student City. One of the destinations that offer a quite buzz is Green Village Gedangsari that located in Gunungkidul area. The name of Green Village Gedangsari has been famous since the middle of last year. Many traveler who stop by to this place to enjoy beauty of Yogyakarta view from above height. In fact, they call this one destination as the best and "instagrammable" for sunset in Yogyakarta.


Now this attraction owned by Green Village is not just that you know. In addition to beautiful landscapes or cool photo spots, there is another latest ride that can satisfy the desire of the holiday of the traveler, especially those who like to challenge adrenaline. The latest tourist attraction is the flying fox that is arguably for the longest in Southeast Asia. The length of this vehicle is 625 meters and its speed can reach 80 km / hour. The travel time required to complete this adrenaline-racing game is approximately one minute.

The process of making this extreme ride begins at the end of 2016 and is completed in early 2017. Prior to being made, an in-depth study of the rides was conducted first by the managers. In fact, all the equipment used has a very safe International standard. The purpose of making flying fox is of course attracting the number of tourists visiting the area Gedangsari and empowering the potential of tourism in the village.

In addition to being a vehicle that verify the courage of traveler, the presence of the longest flying fox in Southeast Asia can also be an alternative for you who want to enjoy the new way of enjoying the natural scenery in Green Village. Panorama of hills and shady trees will look closer than you enjoy it in the gazebo or viewing post. The sensation is also more exciting. For those of you who want to try out the fun of this flying fox, just pay the ticket about 100.000 Rupiah for all rides in Green Village Gedangsari.

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