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    Bugel Beach - New Travel Destinations in Kulonprogo

    Yogyakarta began to be known with coastal tourism, from Gunungkidul, Bantul, to Kulonprogo. Currently, Kulonprogo has begun to add beaches that can be visited, there has been Bugel Beach. This beach is in the area of ​​Bugel, Panjatan, Kulonprogo. The location of this beach is not far from Kulatonprogo Wates Town. The atmosphere of Bugel Beach is still not so crowded, but this beach is worth as a tourist attraction.

    The soft sand is visible when entering the beach area. Only a few sellers are visible around the beach. The atmosphere of the shady beach with the waves make the Bugel Beach could be a tourist destination late 2017 and early 2018. But there are not many people who come to this beach. While tourists only come from around Bugel area only. Usually the beach is only crowded by fishermen only.

    Bugel beach is quite worth a visit, just need the addition of change of clothes and rinse facility. If there is a further arrangement such as the addition of tourist facilities, Bugel Beach will attract more visitors. Because there is not much penetrated this beach, so the authenticity of the beach is still visible especially the fine sand beaches. Moreover there is no retribution fees also when entering the coastal area, just pay for parking.

    Article Source: http://lifestyle.liputan6.com
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