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    Let's Relax On The Lhok Seudu Beach

    This most popular tourist attraction is actually located in Teupin Layeu Village, Leupueng, Aceh Besar District. However, local people call it Lhok Seudu Beach. A breeze welcomes visitors who come to this beach. Every now and then the waves are rolling slowly. Previously, 13 years ago, this tourist attraction was flattened to the ground. In the sweeping wave of the tsunami, local people called it ie beuna, and aloen bulue.

    A number of huts have been provided by this beach tour manager for visitors' stay. Visitors come with their family, complete with baby children. Partly again, a couple of teenagers who sit romantically in the edge of beach. Generally, visitors come from various districts or cities in Aceh.

    It's not difficult to get this location. If you are in Banda Aceh City, then head to the west and south of Aceh, or cross the Banda Aceh to Meulaboh, Aceh Barat. The distance is about 35 kilometers or about 35 minutes of four-wheel drive. Alternatively, visitors can also use the mode of transportation online. The fare is around 90.000 Rupiah. Along the road Leupung area that is common fishing village will be seen boats and ships. The streets is occasionally decline. Along the road is surrounded by shady trees, generally pine that adds to the more beautiful atmosphere.

    The management of this tourism object mentioned that generally visitors came from all regions in the archipelago. In addition, tourist managers also mentioned the area was getting crowded from morning to afternoon. Even more afternoons, this beach was crowded with people who want to see the nice sunset from here.

    For people who love photography and instagmania, so this is a destination that should be immortalized. For food, do not worry because there are snacks and fresh drinks like young coconut and beverages packaging.

    Well, feel curious about the charm of Lhok Seudu Beach? Let's visit this tourist attraction. Don't forget to take the camera to immortalize its beauty.

    Article Source: http://travel.kompas.com/

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    How nice! Thank you

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    really lovely place, thanks for that suggestion!

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