West Lampung was awarded by God with beautiful things, starting from the cold air due to altitude areas, beautiful nature and strong cultural values. Each district has an interesting advantage to explore. As in Liwa City, the local government of this district has inaugurated the community center. The place has been named the Liwa Botanical Garden. Its position is in the middle of the city, precisely still in the area of ​​the West Lampung Regent's office. Soil terraces is contours, surrounded by mountains plus park buildings with striking color choices, making visitors feel at home there.

Liwa Botanical Garden is now used as one of the recreation places to enjoy the sunset. Usually during the afternoon, local people with their families come here. Not only Liwa people, visitors of Bandarlampung also make this location as an afternoon recreation with family. Especially during the weekend, Liwa Botanical Gardens is very busy visited by people to enjoy the cool air and natural beauty. People can take pictures with a large selection of angles in this garden.

In accordance with the name of the botanical garden and according to the plan, Liwa Botanical Gardens will be equipped with play areas for children and fruit plants. Not just a family recreation, youth or community groups in Liwa also do gathering with simply chatting casually in this garden.

Visitors who come to enjoy the facility are free of charge. Well, for those of you who are confused to spend the year-end holidays, do not need to go far to enjoy the fresh air. In Lampung is already available for fun tourism. So, don't hesitate to come to Liwa Botanical Garden.

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