Some people may be feel curious about the conditions that are exist in Gedung Sate and becoming an icon of Bandung as well as an icon of West Java Province. But the curiosity has not been answered because access to entry into the building is very limited. Because, during this ancient building is still used as a government office of West Java Province, so it's not just anyone can enter.

But there is good news for people who want to know more about Gedung Sate. Therefore, Provincial Government of West Java has opened access for the public to visit the building. In the Museum of Gedung Sate's area of ​​500 square meters, visitors are guaranteed to get a deep knowledge of the history of the building that was originally named "Gouvernement Bedrijven" building.


In addition to explanation of the guide, in the museum visitors will also be spoiled with digital visual technology and video mapping that are quite sophisticated in the movie room, architarium space, augmented reality space, virtual reality space and display space. Not only learn about history alone, those who are interested in the art of colonial architecture can also know the secrets of building materials and techniques that were used by architects of ancient times in Gedung Sate.

As a medium of learning, in one corner of the original Museum of Gedung Sate is burglarized and perforated deliberately for more details of the rocks that become the foundation of Gedung Sate. The hollow wall is used to see how the inside constructs for architecture art learning, because people must be curious of its material.

On the other side of the museum, visitors will be invited to go adventure with a hot air balloon, but not a real air balloon. Through virtual reality technology, visitors will feel the sensation of flying in the air while looking at the initial situation around the Gedung Sate which is still empty green land. Don't stop there, the other side of Museum of Gedung Sate that uses augmented reality technology also gives the sensation of being a foreman in the construction project of Gedung Sate in the colonial era.

If you are curious with this Museum of Gedung Sate, visitors can enter for free at 10:00 am until 17:00 pm every day. In the meantime the entry is still free. But the incoming visitors is limited. So every 35 people take turns because the seat in the movie room is only enough for 35 people.

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