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    Colo Nature Tourism, Kudus - Central Java - Indonesia

    Colo Nature Tourism


    Colo is a tourist attraction tourist area located in the mountains of Moriah. Muria mountain has a height of about 1602 m asl (above sea level) and is a plateau region consisting of several mountains or hills, among others: Mount Jembangan Argo, Argo Ploso Mountain, Mount Rahtawu, Market Hill, and Mount Ringgit.

    Colo name itself is taken from the name of a village located at the top of Mount Moriah. Since the colo is the name that supposedly provided directly by the Sunan Muria, then the name is then used to refer to this tourist area. Colo tourist attraction is a region that has some attractions that can be generally classified into two types, namely religious tourism and natural attractions.


    In the Colo area attractions, visitors can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery with clean air and cool. In addition, area attractions there are also some interesting sights to visit.

    First, the Tomb of Sunan Muria. Tomb of Sunan Muria (R. Sheikh Omar Said, one of walisanga / guardian nine) fused with Sunan Muria Mosque which is located in one of the top of Mount Moriah. Tomb of Sunan Muria can be reached by walking through about 700 steps from the gate near the location of car parking / bus.

    Tomb of Sunan Muria is one tourist destination of pilgrimage in the Holy City, in addition to the Tomb of the Tower Festival at the Holy Mosque. Tomb of Sunan Muria very crowded pilgrims coming from various regions, especially during the ceremony Bodag Horse Parade held every year on 6 Muharam. In this Bodag Horse Parade ceremony, the pilgrims tried to get Bodag Horse Parade (former tomb cloth) which is believed to bring good luck.

    Second, Waterfall Monthel. The tomb of Sunan Muria, waterfall with a height of about 25 meters can be reached by walking for approximately 30 minutes. To reach it, visitors can down a path that split-plot coffee while enjoying the cool mountain air and beautiful natural scenery and beautiful. In addition, all the way visitors will also be entertained by the strains of the natural rhythm of sound gurgling waterfall that fell on the rocks interspersed with singing of the birds and wildlife sounds typical of the mountains. Arriving at Monthel Falls, visitors can bathe or play as much water, while enjoying the fresh cool water sourced from Mount Moriah.

    Third, Rejenu Nature. Area of ​​nature tourism (ecotourism) Rejenu has a height of about 1150 m above sea level. Tourist area located in Argo Jembangan Mountains (one of the top of Mount Moriah) is located approximately 3 km from the Tomb of Sunan Muria. Rejenu Eco Tourism in the region, visitors can watch and observe the various types of mountain plants. Besides enjoying the mountain scenery, tourists can also visit other attractions in this area, among others:

    • Tomb of Sheikh Sadzali. According to the local community, Sheikh Sadzali was a pupil / students who are very loyal Sunan Muria accompany and assist Sunan Muria in spreading Islam around the slopes of Mount Moriah. Therefore, Sheikh Syadzali always respected by the community and his tomb has never deserted from the pilgrims.
    • Three Sense of Water Resources. In tourist areas there Rejenu springs with three flavors, namely: fresh-fresh sour taste that bekhasiat to treat various diseases, the taste is similar to carbonated soft drinks are bekhasiat foster self-confidence in dealing with various problems of life, and taste like liquor a type of wine / wine that bekhasiat facilitate sustenance.
    • Waterfall Gonggomino. In tourist areas there Rejenu Gonggomino Waterfall which is the second waterfall Waterfall Monthel apart. Gonggomino Waterfall can be reached by browsing to a river located in the region Rejenu.

    Fourth, Camping and Travel Wana Kajar. Tourism is located in the pine forest, located about 3 km to the south of the Tomb of Sunan Muria. With a height of up to 600 m above sea level, Kajar region is a suitable location for the activities of the camp and roaming the field / cross country.


    Colo tourist attraction is located about 18 km to the north of the center of the Holy City (town square), precisely in the Mountains of Moriah, Village Colo., District Dawe, Holy District, Central Java Province, Indonesia.


    Although Colo sights around Moriah peaks, but not too difficult to reach. From the direction of Semarang, visitors can use the bus-Holy majors Semarang. After arriving at Terminal Ghost, the journey can be continued by using the city transportation department Colo with fare around Rp 5,000 (April 2008).

    Accommodation and Other Facilities

    Around Colo attractions available a variety of accommodation and facilities, among others: Graha Moriah Holy District Government built as a resort, lodging, and meeting rooms, car parking and bus, praying, and food stalls selling typical dishes Colo, namely pecel ferns rice, grilled chicken, and fruit parijoto. In addition, around this area there are also stalls that sell souvenirs Colo, such as wooden sticks and colo rat repellent

    Source: wisatajawa.wordpress.com

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