Mangunan Tourism Village, Dlingo, Bantul will be more festive with the presence of Kakilangit Market. The culinary market is planned to open only every Saturday and Sunday, serving a variety of traditional culinary, ranging from Gudeg Mangar, Tahu Guling, Tiwul, Porridge Ndeso, and variety of angkringan menu. The presence of Kakilangit Market is an idea of ​​the youth who are members of Generasi Pesona Indonesia (GenPi) Jogja. GenPi itself is a volunteer community that based social media to promote variety of tourist destinations in Indonesia.

In addition to culinary, Kakilangit Market is also a place for tourists to find variety of quality craft products that are Mangunan community. This semi-permanent market is purposely built to accommodate all the potential of Mangunan Tourist Village which is divided into several spots, namely culinary skies or "kuliner langit", and "kaya langit" that sells variety of local crafts, as well as sky tourism. In addition to trading, local people also use the market as an educational space, about the value of tradition and culture through child play activities, as well as workshops about variety of crafts.

The presence of this market can be a solution for tourists who do not want to be stuck in the streets long access to tourist destinations. The presence of this market also be an alternative for tourists to get breakfast and shopping typical products Kakilangit residents, or invite their children to learn the art of tradition.

The presence of Kakilangit Market is also expected to extend the visiting time of tourists and presenting alternative tourist attractions. This market is also a means of supporting the development of regional potential, considering that all parts of the market are managed directly by the local community.

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