Tourism with panoramic views of two twin mountains in Central Java can be found in Temanggung Regency. Yes, local people develop an "instagenic" tourist destination that is called Posong. Posong is located at the foot of Sindoro Mountain. In addition to view the Sindoro Mountain, Posong also offers beautiful views of Sumbing Mountain. However, to get the location of Posong, you must take a pretty high struggle. To reach Posong, you have to pass a cobbled path that is neatly along 3.5 kilometers.

On the rocky journey, you must get ready to get off the car because there are some vehicles that not strong uphill. But on the way too, you will see the extent of coffee plantation at the foot of Sindoro Mountain. The view from the top is very interesting. If you are lucky, you will meet the location and the owner of the coffee shop that is used as filming the location of the film "Filosofi Kopi 2". Mr. Tuhar's coffee place can be approached in the middle of the journey.

In Posong, a number of infrastructures have been built nicely. The spots for taking photo are also adapted to the very creative. There are many locations of the instagramable stage of bamboo with a background of Sumbing Mountain, and the inscription of "POSONG" with the background of Sindoro Mountain. Posong also set up an attractive rides game as well as flying fox. For those who like camping in tents, there are about 8 rent tents to visitors with the tariff is between 60,000 and 150,000 Rupiah per visitor, plus tickets and meals.

Although access to tourist transportation is relatively difficult, but the average traveler is quite satisfied with the views in Posong. Posong Coffee and Tempeh become the stewardship when stopping at the tourist sites. So, let's visit and camp in Posong - Temanggung!

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