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    Soaking and Bathing in Bendungan Kayangan, Kulon Progo

    Bendungan Kayangan, so the visitors call this attraction. From the name, it can be immediately imagine how beautiful the dam. According to its nickname, the dam that is in Kulon Progo regency, DI Yogyakarta has a nature that can drape the eyes of the visitors. Bendungan Kayangan that is located in the village of Pendoworejo, Girimulyo District has a natural and original view. The sound of water gurgling and the flow of the river are welcomed visitors who come to the area. Our eyes will be spoiled with green trees that grow around the hill area of ​​Bendungan Kayangan.

    Not only that, there is towering green cliff at the edge of the river. The cliff becomes a main attraction for visitors who come for the first time because this cliff is the best photo spot in the area of Bendungan Kayangan. But don't think if behind the beauty of the cliff is believed to provide benefits to the surrounding community. This cliff that enhances the Bendungan Kayangan's area is also believed to provide water supplies for farmers. That's why people often hold ritual activities in certain months around the cliff. In the past, this cliff was also used rock climbing practice.

    Not only enjoy the natural scenery, visitors can bathe in the Bendungan Kayangan. There are spots that the water is not so deep and shallow. But visitors should still be careful because it is believed there are underground caves around the cliff. Besides on that, the dam is a meeting of two different rivers, the Ngiwa River and Gunturan River. It is also said that in ancient times, the existence of the Bendungan Kayangan was related to Majapahit Kingdom. There wass a figure of "Mbah Bei" who came from Majapahit Kingdom. The presence of "Mbah Bei" around the Bendungan Kayangan was educating people in farming.

    Going to the location of Bendungan Kayangan is not so difficult. The journey to the location takes about 40-50 minutes if using a private vehicle. For tourists who want to visit can take a straight road toward Godean / Kalibawang. Arriving at the intersection of Kalibawang, you can take the straight or the west direction about 10 kilometers. The location of this dam is on the right side of the road, or not far from the first bridge that has been passed. But It's good to ask the people around if you feel confused.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com

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    have not been there yet, but it seems very nice to visit

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