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    Sapo Juma - Beautiful Garden with Most Trendy Photo Spot in Karo

    There are so many beautiful destinations like "heavens" of the world that you can find in Indonesia. For example is Sapo Juma that located in Tongging Village, Karo, North Sumatra. This natural tourist spot is booming among travelers. The reason why this beautiful flower garden is more often visited by the traveler of course because the beauty of the landscape that is successfully captivated the eyes. Sapo Juma can make anyone feel in love.

    This natural resort is actually a villa or lodging for the travelers who come to the Tongging Village area. However, this destination is better known to the visitors as a beautiful and charming garden. You can find various kinds of flowers with various colors. Managers of Sapo Juma are deliberately care for and managing this area of ​​land in order to satisfy the hearts of guests who visit there.

    Landscape at this tourist attraction is limited to the flower park. The landscape of legendary Lake Toba is also clearly visible from Sapo Juma. This place is really suitable as a destination to cool the heart and mind. When you're at Sapo Juma, you can feel like being in heaven filled with colorful flowers, green hills, beautiful lake, and blue sky.

    In addition to look at the beauty of natural panorama, you certainly can not miss the opportunity to capture the moment with selfie photo. Your shots will definitely look cool. However, one thing to note while taking pictures there, you need to keep this flower garden area from damage, and do not until you step on or even pluck the plant just for the sake of taking photo alone.

    Article Source: http://citizen6.liputan6.com/

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    What a beautiful garden! Amazing place to visit! Thanks for the submission! I'm fond of browsing this category!

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    i am so in love with the view ! it's very suitable for photo spot. I probably will use this place for wedding photo shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toni34 View Post
    i am so in love with the view ! it's very suitable for photo spot. I probably will use this place for wedding photo shot.
    Indeed it is. Karo is filled with wondrous imagery. Couldn't you imagine just sitting in a garden shed there?

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