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    Radja Pendapa - Tourism for Taking Selfie Freely

    Do you have a selfie hobby? If so, just come at the tourist attraction of "Radja Pendapa", which is in the Segrumung, Meteseh Village, Kendal, Central Java. From Boja, the travel time to this tourist attraction is about 15 minutes. Radja Pendapa is in the middle of the rubber forest, so you can take selfie photo freely with beautiful natural scenery and background of paddy fields and rubber trees that are decorated with fruit baskets, umbrellas, and so forth. Not only that, in Radja Pendapa, there are also many kind of traditional games of children. Among them, there is dakon toys, the name of traditional game.

    According to the manager of Radja Pendapa, Don Kardono, the purpose of making this tourist spot is for the meeting of the netizens. Here, visitors can take selfie photo freely. For the entrance fee is FREE, but this tourist place of Radja Pendapa is only opened every Sunday. In addition to take selfie, visitors can also enjoy traditional food. Starting from getuk, dawet, coffee, until rujak, there are about 30 kinds of traditional foods sold here. The seller is the surrounding of village community.

    Tourist attraction of Radja Pendapa is inaugurated Sunday (5/11/2017). At the inauguration, there were Esthy Reko Astuti (Deputy of Tourism Development of Nusantara Tourism Ministry), Mirna Anissa (Regent of Kendal), Tavip Purnama (Head of Youth and Sports Service of Kendal), and Masdiana Savitri (Head of Semarang Tourism Office). On the occasion, Mirna Anissa said it would support the existence of tourist spot for the selfie. One of Mirna's support is that it will improve its infrastructure.

    Article Source: http://travel.kompas.com/
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