Providing comfortable accommodation in a spectacular mountainside location overlooking Mount Bromo and Java’s Tengger Massif, the Bromo Cottages are modest but very nicely presented, and boast views that are simply breathtaking.

The hotel is arranged as a cluster of wooden mountain houses, with balconies and big windows to take full advantage of those views. Rooms are lined with polished wood with classic furniture and comfortable textiles. Aesthetically speaking the style is nothing to write home about, but that is hardly the purpose of your stay here - the Bromo-Tengger volcanic range easily surpasses any splendour we could construct.

Facilities are likewise modest, although there is a traditional massage service available to ease any trekked out muscles. The wood-lined restaurant serves a range of Chinese, Indonesian and European favorites. This hotel lies in Tosari, Pasuruan in East Java, The nearest to Mountain Bromo. Bromo Cottages Hotel is located 85 km from Surabaya Airport, 75 km from Malang, 60 km from Tretes and 375 km from Bali.

Please see below, for further information:

Bromo Cottages Hotel
Tosari, Pasuruan 67177, East Java Indonesia
Phone : 0343 - 571222 (hunting) Fax : 0343-571333

Surabaya Office
Phone 031-8978888
Fax. 031-8975788
Email :