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    Kedung Angin - The Peace of the Waterfall in the Hinterland

    Banyuwangi keeps a million secrets with variety of excellent culinary,beautiful sights, as well as cultures that are well worth the time to learn and enjoy. Banyuwangi also has the nickname "The Sunrise of Java". Banyuwangi regency increasingly is interesting for foreign and local tourists because of the beauty and characteristic that is not found elsewhere. Tours in Banyuwangi are very diverse and hits among the traveler. Many tourist places such as Ijen Crater, Boom Beach, Watu Dodol, Teluk Hijau, Rawa Banyu, Lider Waterfall, Alas Purwo, Cemara Beach, and Baluran are being intensively discussed in social media, such as Instagram.

    In Pakel Village, Durenan Timur, Licin Subdistrict, Banyuwangi, there is a waterfall with name"Kedung Angin", which in Osing language has meaning 'a windy puddle', because the swift waterfall and the contours of rocks make sound like the wind. Kedung Angin Waterfall is perfect for you who like the green scenery. Moreover, this waterfall is located in the middle of a forest that is still beautiful and away from the noise or public life. This waterfall will make you feel calm and forget with the burden that is being experienced. The rumble of the water also gives a sense of relaxation.

    Waterfall that has a height of about five meters is from the upstream of Ijen Mountain, so don't be surprised if the water is cold and fresh. Besides on that, visitors can swim and enjoy the sensation of freshness of Kedung Angin Waterfall. Depth of this waterfall reaches two meters and 800 meters wide. In Kedung Angin area, visitors are also treated to beautiful scenery and fresh water. In Kedung Angin Waterfall, visitors will find many monkey forest and various other wild animals. For visitor who like to ride the bike trail, you can also enjoy the path to the deeper forest.

    Article Source: http://citizen6.liputan6.com/
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