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    Kaligua Tea Plantation, Brebes - Central Java - Indonesia

    Kaligua Tea Plantation was founded in 1889. Kaligua tea plantation is located on the west foot of Mount Slamet precisely in the Village District Pandansari Paguyangan Brebes in Central Java. About 10 miles from the District Paguyangan, or about 15 miles from Bumiayu. Transportation routes can be pursued through lane north or Tegal via Brebes-Bumiayu-Kaligua, Cirebon-Bumiayu-Kaligua, and the southern path via Navan-Paguyangan-Kaligua. The line is crossed the main road Tegal-Navan. Kaligua fit through the junction, Kretek, trips starting winding and up and down. Located at an altitude of 1500-2050 m above sea level and temperatures between 8o - 28o C.

    Is a garden with a natural landscape, natural freshness, and pollution-free, suitable for garden Kaligua release fatigue and relaxing with family.

    The results of processing the tea plantations Kaligua is a downstream product of black tea (black tea) with the brand "Kaligua" in the tea bag and powder packing. So for those of you who visit, you can immediately enjoy the warmth of black tea or can be bought as souvenirs.

    Tea plantations have Kaligua agro tourism facilities complete with an attractive vehicle for outdoor games. Facilities offered include Walk Tea, Tea Breeding, Harvest Tea, Tea Processing Factory, Tea Service, Lodging, Tennis Court, Bilyard, camping area, Out Bound Games, Petilasan (Van De Jong, Mbah Joko), Ancient Turbine, Goa Japan, Tuk Bening, West Goa, Peak Sakub.

    Traveling the plantation is a favorite activity for tourists who visit here. Plus the weather was the fresh scent of tea-making process becomes the main attraction for this region. From one place on this plantation, you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of nearby Mount Slamet, namely Peak Sakub. In addition to Mount Slamet, Mount Ciremai, Tegal and view of the City Cilacap you can also enjoy here.

    photos by qzxvw

    photo: commondatastorage.googleapis.com

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