Bantul still becomes a choice of many people for good tourism in Indonesia because of its natural beauty and environmental sustainability. One of the most visited tourist destinations while in Bantul is "Warung Sobo Ndeso". Not only a stall, family tourism destination that is located in Gayam Village, Argosari, Sadayu Bantul has a variety of interesting tourist attractions. Visitors can go down the river at once eat at the shop. For those who want to go down river, visitors can come other than Monday, because every Monday is closed, considering Saturday and Sunday are always full of visitors.

There are two routes to choose, from, 1 kilometer and 1.3 kilometers. During the trip, visitors will be treated to a clean view of the Gayam River. Don't be afraid, because during the river trip, each team will be accompanied by experienced guides. To feel the sensation of this river fringe, each visitor only needs to spend 20,000 Rupiah and you will get facilities of tires, helmets, buoys, special shoes, and snacks.

Besides on that, for those who want to travel while cycling, visitors can also use a bicycle to go around Sobo Ndeso. There are about 15 bikes rented to get around. The fare to get around the bike is fifty thousand rupiahs, included a guide who accompany visitor go around the village.

For those who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the village with atmosphere of ethnic artistry, visitors can stay at the lodging. There are at least five rooms ready for used by visitors. There are two standard rooms and 3 backpackers rooms. So, fee for standard room is 200,000/night, while for backpacker room is 150,000/night with free breakfast for 1 person. This new homestay will be officially launched 1 November 2017.

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