Have you heard about the beauty of Tarimbang Beach that located on the island of Eastern Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara? Perhaps the beach is not so popular as the beaches in Bali and Lombok. Although it's not famous, the beauty of Tarimbang Beach is undeniable. As the sun greets, the luster of white sand, and the clear sea water make this beach radiate its beauty. Not surprisingly, then Tarimbang Beach becomes one of the charming beaches in Indonesia and it's admired by tourists, both local tourists and foreign tourists.

It was evident during the holiday season arriving. Many tourists who come to see the beauty of Tarimbang Beach that is located in the south of this Waingapu City. The blending of white from the sand as well as the blue from the sky and the sea give the feeling of every eye. In the left and right side of the beach, there are beautiful hills and cliffs, so Tarimbang Beach becomes a suitable place to calm the heart and refresh the mind.

Tarimbang Beach is nicely laid out by the Almighty. A large and dried tree appears in the middle of white sand beach. If visitors go to the right, there is a small freshwater lagoon with a greenish wilderness background. When the currents come, the sea water mixes with fresh water in this lagoon. It is really amazing.

Sea water in Tarimbang Beach is also uncontaminated, so tourists do not have to hesitate even though only playing with ripples waves. However, visitors can also try swimming, diving, water skiing, or surfing while enjoying the underwater scenery on this beach. Because the beach is still not crowded by visitors, so you can feel vacation on a private beach.

Tarimbang Beach is famous for its two different surf sides that it will please the surfers. So, what are you waiting for, if you go to East Nusa Tenggara, you not only come to Komodo Island, bu also you must pay a visit to Tarimbang Beach, paradise of East Sumba.

Article Source: http://regional.liputan6.com/