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    Relax in "Rindu Alam" Stall with The Scenery Around Salak Mountain

    Around the pine forest, the "Rindu Alam" Stall looks so cool. To the right of the gaping chasm, around of the stall's complex is a shady tree visible as far as the eye can see. The food menu that is sold in this stall is diverse, ranging from goat curry, vegetable menu, fish and salted egg. There are also Aceh noodles and snacks such as crackers and bottled drinks. Rindu Alam Stall that had been established five months ago is one of the worth tourist destinations. Behind the stall, just above the hill, is also provided a small tent with a table. Various tables are used as a place to relax by visitors.

    The ladder up the hill around the Rindu Alam Stall becomes a place for taking selfie photos because the scenery is quite beautiful for photo lovers. At the top of the hill, there are also a beautiful bridge, swings and seats to take pictures. Behind the location. the forest stretches along the eye's view. If late afternoon, a thin mist is smothering the forest area.

    Rindu Alam Stall is crowded with people because the food here is also delicious, and the place is also good. The location of this stall is increasingly crowded with the charm of Mount Salak that is increasingly popular. The streets around the stall connect two districts of North Aceh and Bener Meriah Regency. Thus every weekend, the streets are jammed with thousands of visitors.

    Visitors come from a number of districts, such as Aceh Utara, Lhokseumawe, Bireuen, Aceh Utara, Bener Meriah, and Central Aceh District. If it's a regular day, the visitors stay a lot. The reason, the street cross is used to be an alternative route between Lhokseumawe and Bener Meriah. If passing this road to Bener Meriah or Central Aceh, it only takes two hours. If passing Bireuen line, it takes about four hours. So, it's getting crowded through this track.

    Well, if passing between districts or cities in Aceh, then stop at Rindu Alam Stall. Enjoy the coolness, delicious food and beautiful scenery.

    Article Source: http://travel.kompas.com/

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