Rows of coconut trees look neatly along the road to Kali Topa, which is located in Topa Hamlet, Wabula Village, Buton Regency, Southeast Sulawesi. Kali Topa is a freshwater spring that leads directly to the beach. Formerly, Kali Topa had been used by residents to be a bathing area. Until now, Kali Topa has still been used by local people to bathe and also wash clothes.

The water of Kali Topa is very clear, so the basis of Kali Topa is clearly visible. The bath of Kali Topa is surrounded by rocks and above of Kali Topa, there is overgrown with shady trees, so the air is very cool. Currently. Kali Topa becomes a favorite bath and one of the mainstay of tourism in the village of Wabula. Kali Topa Bath has been widely known throughout the District of Buton and Baubau City.

In the meantime, it was seen that some people were bathing with small children, shouting with delight at clapping their hands on the clear water of Kali Topa. Many visitors who enjoy bathing at Kali Topa. Many visitors confess that if bathing in Kali Topa is like one with nature, because many trees are shady accompanied by the sound of friction of coconut leaves. There is also a part of Kali Topa that we bath like a private bath because it is surrounded by rocks, so it is not seen by people.

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