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    Jungwok Beach - White Sandy Beach in South of Yogyakarta

    South Coast of Java Island has its own charm to explore. There is a row of beaches with various characters that are suitable to be tired. One of them is Jungwok Beach in Gunungkidul Regency, DI Yogyakarta. Within three hours driving from Yogyakarta City, tourists will find white sandy beaches with clear sea water and great coral views as a breakwater.

    The distance to Jungwok Beach makes this beach less popular than other beaches in south of Yogyakarta. But, because of that also, Jungwok Beach actually becomes more interesting.

    There is no signal mobile phone operator and there are only a few tourists that make Jungwok Beach feel like a private beach. Coastal environment is also fairly clean and natural. Although the coastline is fairly short, about a kilometer, Jungwok Beach is still interesting. There are parts of the beach with coral reefs, when big waves hit the corals and then get into the reef.

    As a warning, there is prohibition for swimming in Jungwok Beach because the characteristic of the beach in the South of Java Island is choppy with coral surface. Near Jungwok Beach, there are also many beaches like Wediombo Beach and Greweng Beach. The best time to visit Jungwok Beach is when the sun rises in the morning.

    But it's good to prepare the vehicle, because the road to Jungwok Beach is not too smooth at some point and tend to be narrow. As for the facilities, many local people around provide stalls and facilities for visitors.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com

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    yeah... South of yogyakarta beach is the best detination (actualy a Gunung Kidul row of beaches)
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