This waterfall is located in Kampung Wangun, Leuwikaret Village, Babakan Madang Subdistrict, Bogor Regency, about an hour's drive from Jakarta. Curug Barong presents different waterfall scenery with height of Curug Barong that reach up to 7 meters. Curug Barong has a unique rock texture. This waterfall is not too high, and water quality is still very clear that make this one waterfall be a special attraction for the tourists.

The main attraction of Curug Barong is the water that looks very clear and refreshing. The water flow in this waterfall comes from one of the rivers in Bogor namely Cirangrang River. This river forms some waterfall in Bogor. One of them is Curug Barong. Indeed, to get the location of the Ciliwung river upstream, you need to be reached on foot, but not too far away. The main challenge to visit the Curug Barong is quite difficult. We need to trek about 40 minutes from the parking lot through the rice fields and the tricky enough trails. But, the rocks that form the basis of this natural pool, are guaranteed to relax your body from fatigue work.

With the water that is very clear and its location is in the open area, the atmosphere makes us feel comfortable when around Curug Barong. Although it does not produce a rumbling sound because of its small height, Curug Barong still presents a seductive natural symphony, especially because the water is clear. Under the waterfall, there is also formed a natural pool that although not too big, it can still be used for swimming. To enter the Curug Barong area, you will be charged about 10.000 Rupiah.

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