Curug Jeglong is a waterfall in Kendal Central Java, precisely located in Jeplak Hamlet, Bendosari Village, Plantungan District. From the town of Kendal, a tourism spot that provides the natural beauty of this forest and waterfall, is about 42 kilometers. Tourist attraction of Curug Jeglong is managed by local people around the village.

Curug Jeglong is still very natural. It is cool and very suitable to remove fatigue. The pine trees that grow around this tourism add to the beauty of nature. Visitors can also enjoy the view from the top of the substation that is prepared by the manager. If tired, visitors can also rest on a swing or lounging on a bamboo bench. Visitors can also with a background of waterfall.

Curug Jeglong is owned by Perhutani which is managed by local people around the forest. Curug Jeglong Tourism began to be managed by citizens 2 years ago. To enter this waterfall, visitors only pay ticket money about 5,000 Rupiah. Mileage to the Curug from the entrance of the sights is about 600 meters with way down. The management is still trying to build a road, so visitors are safe and comfortable. The management also continues to make improvements, especially for infrastructure, so that visitors can easily walk to the location of Curug Jeglong.

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