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    Biroro Waterfall - The Natural Freshness of Gowa Tourism

    Biroro Waterfall is located in the Biroro Village, Bontolerung, High Moncong District, Gowa. The distance is about 2 kilometers from the city of Malino. The road to this area is quite difficult because of the access road that is derivatives and still hollow, so must be careful if you want to drive to this place. The distance of this waterfall from the access road is about 200 meters. We must walk to the location of the waterfall. In the journey, we will be treated by a vast expanse of rice fields that are stratified. The panorama around the waterfall is beautiful. After that, we will go down the rocky path and we pass through the bamboo bridge. Around this area, there are high fertile bamboos with large enough size.

    Arriving at the location of Biroro Waterfall, we are immediately pampered with views of the Biroro Waterfall. This waterfall looks so beautiful with the expanse of stone around it. The green atmosphere of this waterfall is still visible. There is no development in the waterfall area, but this is making this waterfall look so exotic. This waterfall is not yet popular when compared with Takappala Waterfall that is located not far from Biroro Waterfall.

    Biroro Waterfall has a height of about 10 meters. For immigrants, it is expected to remain cautious if you want to swim at the location of this waterfall. Because according to information from local residents, that just under the Biroro Waterfall, there is a deep pool reaches 8 meters.

    Article Source: https://akbarmangindara.wordpress.com/

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    Biroro Waterfall has a unique lake and quite deep. The edges have a depth of about 3-4 meters. While the center depth of 8 meters. The water is very clear and fresh. This waterfall is less popular than other waterfalls in Malino. Visitors are only one or two who come here.

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