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    Flea "Senen" Market - Shopping Destination with Used Clothing Products

    As one of the oldest markets in Jakarta, Senen Market has always been a shopping destination. One part of this market sells secondhand clothing, even branded secondhand clothing at bargain prices. Secondhand clothes are the main attraction for vintage clothing hunters. Various of jackets, sweaters, jerseys, until complete underwear are sold in Senen Market. The brands that are sold also tend to be dominated Japanese brands. If you want to spend extra time and energy to walk every corner of Senen Market, you can just find branded clothes ranging from Uniqlo to Gucci class at a super cheap price.

    The unique and quirky merchant are characteristic of Senen Market. Starting from the pantun to the odd abbreviations of traders makes the atmosphere of Senen Market getting thicker. In addition to clothes, equipment such as bags and shoes are also sold at sloping prices. Wristwatch for example, is sold with starting price of 10,000 Rupiah and branded bags are sold at a price of about 30,000 Rupiah.

    For those of you who want to visit Senen Market, it is advisable to wear clothes as comfortable as possible because of market conditions are enough to make a sweat. Then make it a habit to bring your own bag to accommodate the grocery, because it is guaranteed that you will be quite hassle if carrying everything with a plastic bag.

    Besides on that, you need to check carefully the items that you want to buy to get good quality. DO A BARGAIN. Although the price of goods has been fairly cheap, but the bargain is still very pronounced because sometimes the price of clothes is not proportional to the condition of the feasibility of clothes. Finally, wash your "hunt" clothes properly and clean. It is advisable to soak it with hot water first before washing it.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com

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    Things to Do in Pasar Senen

    One of Jakarta pioneer markets, Proyek Senen traces its origins to the 19th century. Today, it is sought for its second-hand book stalls and vehicle spare-part retailers that also perform on-site repair work. The age-old wet market is still in business, selling meat, fish, groceries, and fresh products. Between two and five oíclock every morning, a mass trading of fog and snacks takes place in the market place for resale throughout the city. More modern shopping convenience can be found in the department stores next door and sophisticated Atrium Senen Triangle.

    Pasar Senen sells varieties of meat, vegetables, fish and dry food. meat pork, a non-halal meat that is rarely sold in traditional wet market in Indonesia could be found at this location. Pasar Senen is well-known as the place for many traditional and western cakes, which is sold in a very deep and wide assortment. This location is well known as the main market of spare part for automobiles in Jakarta.

    Pusat Grosir Senen is located west of Pasar Senen Station and directly north of Pasar Senen Blok III. You can easily visit both of these markets during the same trip to the Pasar Senen area.

    Both of these markets have hundreds of small shops that sell pretty much everything from Batik to sunglasses. They both have an extensive selection and affordable prices in comparison to malls in Jakarta like Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia. Hand bags are particularly well-stocked at these markets. There are also lots of wallets, watches and clothing choices for men, women and children.

    You may also try to negotiate prices at these markets in Pasar Senen Jakarta as well. This is especially true if you are trying to buy in bulk as part of a wholesale transaction.

    Of the two markets, Pasar Senen Blok III is larger and more modern but they both look pretty similar inside. The ground floor of Pasar Senen Blok III is a wet market. They sell fresh meat at small stalls but it isnít the cleanest market by any means. North of Pusat Grosir Senen there is a traditional fruit and vegetable market. It is very photogenic, but again, it isnít the cleanest market you will find.

    Once you reach the Monas area from Pasar Senen then you can walk to the following points of interest:

    National Museum of Indonesia
    National Gallery of Indonesia
    Taman Prasasti Museum
    Jakarta Cathedral
    Istiqlal Mosque
    Taman Lapangan Banteng
    Pasar Baru
    Museum of National Awakening

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