The music industry will not die, although the music lovers is changing. The ease of accessing music makes this industry grow rapidly. Music mediums ranging from ribbon cassettes began to be shifted by the emergence of CDs, which were later shaken by digital music. But for vintage enthusiasts, the LPs (a kind of phonograph records) that is in the form of "black plate" will not be eliminated. Located on the floor of Basement Building A and B Blok M Square, South Jakarta, old outlets are ready to welcome your trip for hunting LPs. Neat shelves that are arranged in the left-right hallway will enliven your scenery while down the alleys.

Ranging from local to international music, classical to rock music, as well as independent labeled music to mainstream music are ready to complete your collection of LPs. Some outlets also sell their own turntables as a record player. LPs give satisfaction to their fans. In terms of sound, this one record can produce sound quality that almost resembles raw data. Clear sound results can be an additional value owned by LPs. Unlike the digital music that was forced to be compressed in such a way as to the size of the file, so as to reduce the sound quality.

The price range that is incurred to have this phonograph record depends on the scarcity and year-old rate of the record. One LPs is priced from 200,000 Rupiah to over 1 million Rupiah. Although the trend of phonograph record has shifted since the emergence of digital music. But for certain segments, this LPs becomes the exclusive essence of the music itself.

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